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Ghar Ka Khana – Home cooked food at your doorstep!

Last week I happened to learn about “Ghar Ka Khana” tiffin service in the City Beautiful- Chandigarh. I caught up with the founder (and owner) of Ghar Ka Khana service and was astomished to know that the venture is being run by a girl in her early twenties! Along with running her venture, she is also doing a day-job.

Here is interview with Gagandeep Kaur, the founder and owner of Ghar Ka Khana.

How did you get the idea to start Ghar Ka Khana?

Actually, I never had anything on my mind to start a business of my own. When I first relocated to Chandigarh for studeis, I was staying in a PG. There I experienced a lot of problems with food. I tried a few tiffin services as well, but all of them disappointed me. I thought over it and realized that there will be hundreds of people like me in Chandigarh facing similar problem with food. So, I made up my mind that if I got a chance, I will definitely start my own tiffin service which will provide delicious and healthy home cooked food.

What was the motive behind picking this name?

I wanted a name which should give a clear idea of what the service is about. There are lots of students in Chandigarh who stay in independent apartments and PGs and miss home cooked food. So I picked up this name- Ghar Ka Khana, which conveys what we deliver. Our current and prospective customers instantly connect to the name.

What type of clientele do you have right now?

Students and working professionals comprise of a major chunk of our customers. Presently we serve students living in their own rented apartments or PGs and offices. Our corporate customers include banks, IT companies and coaching centers. Our clientele includes ICICI bank, HDFC bank and JUSTdial besides many others.

How you distinguish yourself from your competitors?

We differentiate from our competition in many ways.

The essence of our venture is ‘relationship’. To start with we offer our new customers free trials. Once they are satisfied with our service, they can opt for the regular delivery.

We have a strict check on quality of ingredients we use. We make sure we sustain the standards we have set for quality in every single delivery.  A customer will never forget a single bad service even it happens once in 100 deliveries. So the hallmark of our service is good food, delivered hot and on time- every single time the customer orders. I personally buy all the ingredients and supervise the preparation of food.

We lay a lot of stress on hygiene. The tiffin comes in hygienically packed disposable containers.

How do you market your venture? Till now, its word of mouth. ‘Delivering what we promise’ is our marketing tool. It has been working fine till now!

What are your plans for the future? We are currently delivering 200+ tiffins a day. We are aiming to increase this number to 500+ very soon. From tiffin service, we are planning to move into organizing small office parties and outsourcing of office cafeterias. We do not have a timeline for it right now, but yes, I have it on my to-do list and will accomplish it in next couple of years.

Any message you want to to share with young entrepreneurs? From my personal experience I would only say that everything seems difficult before you attempt it. If you work hard enough, everything falls in place. Dream on, dream big and work hard to transform your dreams into reality.