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The Mobile Wars- What is Next?


The last few years have seen the mobile manufacturers bettering each other on the hardware parameters (the processing power, the display etc.). But, there is only so much one can do when it comes to enhancing the processing power and hardware capabilities. Beyond a point, the difference that hardware makes is not worth the effort consumed in achieving so.

So, what is next?

When Samsung came up with S3, there was a sustained campaign around the device ‘made for humans’ the same thought has been extended in the next generation of the flagship product S4 being marketed as the ‘life companion. The device lives up to the expectations and offers many functionalities based on human gestures. Samsung has done a good job in making use of the ‘eye-ball’ sensors and the ones to recognize hand movements and gestures. Besides recognizing the hand gestures, it also senses the proximity of user’s fingers to activate the ‘Air View’ functionality. All in all, this is a major step in moving towards the era when the devices will understand and respond to the human movements and respond the commands of the device’s ‘master’.

The ‘Extended Humanprise’

In the coming years, we are going to see more and more of these ‘sensor’ based functionalities in mobile gadgets. This is what I call the ‘Extended Humanprise’ – the device is on its way to become the extension of the human being. The possibilities in this field are limitless. The sensors can be leveraged for reading the touch, the finger prints, the eyeball movement, voice, light exposure etc. With the combination of a few or many of these sensors, numerous functionalities can be built around the device. With companies already developing the prototypes of ‘wearable’ gadgets, many other human body movements can be used for interacting with the devices.

Without doubt, the next big thing for the mobile devices is manipulating the human-device interface through these sensors. This is an open field at the moment for companies to explore. Let’s wait and watch how these mobile companies use the technology to extend the human ‘reach’!

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The Apple that fell!

January 24, 2013 1 comment


Apple results for the last quarter are out and there are some pretty good numbers on the board- $13.1 billion in profits, 28% rise in the sale of iPhones and 48% rise in the sale of iPads. What more can one ask for?

The market did not respond positively to the Apple results. The stock fell 11%, one of the sharpest single day falls for Apple.In mid September, the stock touched a record high of $702.10 but is currently trading 34% down at $461.30.

What is the reason for this fall? One thing we need to keep in mind is that the profits and sales increase shown in last quarter is past. It serves a purpose just to post the last quarter results. The forecasts, and not the past determine the performance of the stock.

One of the biggest concerns facing Apple is finding new opportunities to create multi billion dollar productlines. The high end smartphone market that was once dominated by Apple now has numerous players. Some of the players- such as Samsung and HTC have products to offer which not only match Apple devices but also beat Apple at its own game in many of the specific areas. To add to Apple’s woes, Samsung has a presence in almost all of the tiers in the smartphone stack whereas Apple only serves the high end part. Second, Apple is present in fewer geographies than Samsung of HTC. So, there is only so much that Apple can grow.

Now if we see the tablets marketspace, Apple is facing a tough competition not only from Samsung but also from Google and Kindle among other smaller companies from China. Thus the two major categories where Apple is present have already been chocked with products from rivals.

There is one more product category, which according to some is the future of the smartphone, the phablets. Apple currently has nothing to offer in this space. This is a fast growing category and Samsung has a complete dominance in the same. Apple tried to enter in this category by offering a smaller iPad, but given the lack of voice services in the iPad mini, it is just a half hearted attempt to match Samsung.

Given the above factors and the recent drastic cut in the order for displays (Apple iPhone 5 sources its display from SHARP Corp. Japan) in the wake of weaker demand in next quarter fir iPhone 5, there is no surprise that Aplle stock tanked on the eve of Quarterly results.

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