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What I want in Samsung S IV

February 19, 2013 2 comments


Its been on the news that Samsung is ready with the SIV and will be releasing it sometime in March-April time frame. The latest news is that S-IV is being launched on 14th March in an event in New York. Many considered SIII to be equivalent if not better than iPhone 5 in specs and performance. Now with both Samsung and Apple raising the bar with every version release, consumers have also started expecting the very best in the next version of the gadget.

Here is what I expect from Samsung in S-IV (or the release after this):

1. Un-breakable Scree: In the last WMC, Samsung displayed bendable display that it is developing. I am sure, the bendable displays will take some more time to be commercially viable, but I do expect that the ‘unbreakable’ version of the same would already be available for commercial production. I expect Samsung to make it available in S-IV.

2. Own Operating System: Till now, even the bestsellers from Samsung have been using the free Andriod Operating system. The OS has been performing well but is not seamlessly integrated with the hardware (as in the case of Apple and iOS). This is a drag on the hardware resources of the gadget. If, Samsung is able to introduce its own OS, it will not only increase performance of the device but also decrease the prices of the device.

I sincerely hope Samsung will introduce the above two features, it will be a strategically important move for the company.

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Customer Centricity wins: App Store Redesigned

December 16, 2009 1 comment

Apple has redesigned the App Store for the iPhone and iPod touch, bringing the online store in line with the rest of the iTunes shopping experience. This is mainly to standardize the customer experience across all Apple portals.

User-Centered Design

Analysts say that the design has been re-done keeping in mind the user centricity. Though there have been complaints from developers that it’s not developer friendly. In my point of view, the design of any “service” portal should be customer centric and not vendor/partner centric. Thus, Apple has done a good job by keeping in mind the user requirements before the developer requirements.

The complete analysis can be read here