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2 Companies Who Will Hit the Most from WhatsApp Video Calling

November 20, 2016 Leave a comment


Many users of Whats App were surprised yesterday when they could update the app and start video calling their contacts. With a lot of people using WhatsApp for texting and calling video calling was the next logical extension of the app that has taken the world of communication by storm (I am not talking about Line, WeChat and China for a reason here).

Everyone know who will benefit the most from this new feature- Yes! You guessed it right. WhatsApp and its parent company Facebook.

But who will get ht the most? 1. Apple (FaceTime) 2. Skype

Most of the time when I have to video-call my wife or take interviews of candidates, I generally use either Skype of Face Time. For that matter if e have to slit the two between business and personal use of the video feature, I use Skype for Business and Face Time for Personal (family and friends) use.

WhatsApp has been till now the medium of choice for many of us for texting, sending images, voice message and various other attachments. I have seen people of all ages using WhatsApp for one to one messages, group messages, coordinating for executing various events- parties, birthdays surprises, delivery of packages etc. Now with the video call option on the same application, there is no need to open Skype or FaceTime.

Since the time WhatsApp has rolled out video calling feature, I have stopped using FaceTime or Skype for at least personal communication. Skype is still my medium of choice when it comes to professional/business communication. I know a lot of people around me who have made the same move- from Skype & Face Time to WhatsApp Video Calls. Having said that, most of my views are based on observing the behaviour of people around me rather than surveys and data. This, similarly, is my personal view. It might take a few months or even a year to see who actually benefits and who loses. For now, its a Thumbs Up to WhatsApp!



#RIPTwitter is necessary to help Twitter survive

February 7, 2016 Leave a comment


The hashtag #RIPTwitter has been tending ever since BuzzFeed reported that Twitter is making changes to how the tweets are fed into users feed. The plan, as I understand it, is to prioritise tweets based on the ‘interest of the user’. This is something similar to what Facebook does to the feed on your FB wall. Point noted.

Currently the Twitter feed for a user comes in chronological order. It does not discriminate among various tweets. Whether you are following President Obama or a local business, tweets from both of them are given same importance. Now prioritising content based on user interests is a pretty vague proposition and leaves many loose ends- both good and not so good.

The not-so-good part of this plan is that the users lose control over what they see in their feed. Over last few years Facebook shows you the news feed of users which it ‘thinks’ is of interest to you. There might be things posted by other users of importance to you but if they do not fit in your ‘interests’ cloud, you won’t see them. If Twitter’s plans go through, we are in for a similar treatment at Twitter feed as well.

Now, the good part of the plan is that Twitter will have more control of the content shown to its users. This means that Twitter will have the right to play around with the content shown to users of various demographies. The ability to play around with the content along with the ability to mix free and paid content gives an immense opportunity to Twitter to monetise the user generated content and user attention to the promoted/prioritised content.

I understand that the thought of someone making money by playing around with the content you want to see creates an image of manipulation and curbing freedom, but it’s not as bad as we think. The organisations need to become self sustainable if they want to survive for long. The attempt by Twitter to prioritise content for its users is a step in this direction. Unless it drastically affects the way we have been using Twitter and kills the fun it is, I would say let’s give it a try.

A Facebook Smartphone?

If some rumors and ‘confirmed reports are to be believed, Facebook is planning to foray into smaprtphone business by next year. A report claims that Facebook is hiring engineers for the job. This comes in wake of some earlier (failed) attempts by Facebook for build its own phone. This time, the internet giant is relying on HTC to build the device.

Meanwhile, Google last week completer the acquisition of Motorola. Google had attempted to launch its own G-Phone a few years ago. The attempt was not very successful, but Android, a fallout of the G-Phone attempt has been a resounding success.

If you see all the smartphones around you, they are either Apple iPhones or Android based phones (with countless combinations of hardware options provided by hundreds of manufacturers). It will be interesting to see if FB opts for Android or develops its own operating system. Any one of the two options chosen by FB will put it in direct competition with Apple.

The rumors have it that FB phone will have a customized Android OS with seamless integration to various FB features such as messaging, photo-upload etc. if this is true, the phone will be nothing but a normal Android smartphone with a custom skin and a handful of FB specific apps working behind the scenes. Isn’t it so?

And, when it comes to brand loyalty and appeal, i.e. Apple iPhone Vs a HTC-Facebook smartphone, I am not sure of FB phone will be able to survive the cult like fan following of the ‘bitten Apple’ logo.

Let’s wait and watch what FB has to offer.

Instagram + Pinterest = Pinstagram

Here is something very interesting that I came across last night. When two friends decided to mash Piterest and Instagram (which was recently acquired by Facebook in a hard-to-believe $1 billion deal) into a hybrid, it just started as a joke. A weekend later Pinstagram was born.

The two friends- Pek Pongpaet and Brandon Leonardo were discussing how entrepreneurs pitch their ideas to VCs- say our website is X for Y for example our website is ‘Facebook for part time bloggers’. They stumbled upon the idea to create ‘Pinterest for Instagram’.

A couple of days of coding led the idea convert into Pinstagram- Pinterest for Instagram which shows your Instagram photographs in the Pinterest layout. It seems people like the new layout of Pinstagram.

Why do people like it? The biggest reason for people liking the new layout is that it suites the web page spread. Pinstagram fills an important void because Instagram never focused on the desktop experience. That is the precise USP which the site markets itself- The best way to view Instagram on web.

I searched on Google, there are many other platforms available which can be used to display the Instagram pics on web but Pinstagram seems the best of the lot.

I am not sure if they are infringing on some copyrights of Pinterest or Instagram, but the ‘cocktail of the best’ two start ups in recent years has definitely created something very interesting.

For more details and first hand experience visit the site here.

So.Cl (Social)- Microsoft launches its own Social Network!

Microsoft, which was missing from the “social” scene has quietly launched its own social platform- (pronounced as social). It was launched some months back, but was available to selected users until last weekend. Originally designed as a resource-based social network was initially made for students, but now anyone with a Facebook or Microsoft Live account can log into the network and start using it. is what Microsoft describes as “an experiment in open search,” meaning searches on the network can be viewed by other users and third parties.

From the initial look and feel of it, seems more like Google+ than Facebook. As any other social network, it has the feature for users to share, re-share, like and comment on people’s posts.

A new feature of is the “Video Party” in which multiple users can watch a video together and discuss the same.

One can check more details on here.

What does Instagram & Tagtile acquisition mean for Facebook?

April 21, 2012 1 comment

About a week back, the world woke up to the news of Instagram being acquired by Facebook for, an unbelievable amount of, $1 billion. A couple of days later, Facebook made another, much smaller, acquisition of Tagtile.

Why would Facebook spend a billion dollars on a start-up that has almost no revenues and has yet to celebrate its second birthday?

Many were surprised and asked, why would Facebook buy an app, that just turns the colors of your photos a little weird and posts them online. A year ago, when I first heard of Instagram, it was valued at $100 million and when it closed the latest round of funding, it was valued at $500 million. And, yes about a week later, Facebook bout it for twice that valuation.

Innstagram managed to garner 30 million users, despite being available only for iPhone users. Now that the app is available for Andriod users as well, it will blast past 50 million mark soon.

Let’s face it, Facebook is the biggest platform for people across the globe to share photos online- with millions of photographs being shared every day (yes, every day!). Where as Facebook and Instagram both are photosharing platforms, Instagram also has the advantage of  ‘mobility’- which Facebook lacks. With the booming sales of smartphones and availability of high speed mobile data networks across the globe, mobile platform is the future of social media. And, Instagram was doing it right! So, the $1 billion valuation of Instagram is justified keeping in mind the returns it will bring in the future.

And, why Tagtile?

Tagtile is an application where the commercial establishments can keep their customers engaged with the help of Loyalty programs, through their smartphones.  With more and more commercial establishments getting on to the social commerce bandwagon, it made sense for Facebook to buy Tagtile and catch up to speed with social commerce.