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Fidget Spinner and The Might of Chinese Manufacturing

In last couple of months, the fidget spinner- the small mechanical wonder has made the young and the old alike go crazy across the globe. Within a couple of weeks of the spinner becoming famous and making it to the headlines, it was available in bulk and at dirt cheap prices through almost all retail channels.

All the e-commerce portals and toy stores were flooded with millions of Chinese made fidget spinners. Almost at every major traffic intersection in Delhi and other cities of India, the hawkers were selling the spinners like hot cakes.

While the popularity of this small mechanical gadget is definitely something to be astonished of, the is something much bigger associated with it that commands ‘awe’. What amazes me the most is that how within weeks of the toy becoming popular, the Chinese factories took the design and started producing the toy in millions by the day. Not only was the speed of understanding the design, making dies and final manufacturing lightening fast; even faster was the shipment of the final product to hundreds of thousands of markets/locations across the globe.

While Chins is considered to be a giant when it comes to manufacturing, the fact that it has been able to maintain its ‘lightening fast’ go-to-market speed deserves respects even more.

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