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This is what Apple should be doing!


Apple stock tanked to $430 last week in the wake of concerns on the future of the company and its future range of products. The stock is 40% down from its peak.

There are rumors of Apple working on a ‘wearable gadget’ and has even filed for a patent application. But there are doubts on the success of this product. Also, this is going to be in the low price band ($100-$200), which definitely means lower margins. Also, going by the trend, Apple now will be spending much more on marketing its products than it did earlier. Times look tough for Apple.

Now what should Apple do? I have a suggestion.

It is high time Apple gets into Gaming. Apple, especially in the US dominates the UI for mobile phone and tablets (and to some extent the laptops as well). Given the ‘mobility’ of mobiles and tablets, Apple does have a great chance at Mobile Gaming.

Now, there are many games available in the Apple Store as app downloads. Yes, Apple is also making considerable amount of money from the downloads. How different Apple Gaming should be from the normal gaming Apps available at Apple Store? Apple should make the best use of the hardware available in its devices and introduce the ‘elevated gaming experience’- both online and offline, single player and multi-multiple leveraging the wi-fi and the 3G. Currently there are a few players in the mobile gaming arena but all of them either offer downloadable apps (Angry Birds by Rovio) with online integration or online games using the internet (Zynga on Facebook). There is also another category of devices such as the Sony PSP providing the ‘portable’ gaming experience. The true mobile gaming experience is still missing.

Now, if Apple is able to capitalize its dominance of the mobile UIs and its expertise in the hardware-software integration, it can usher a whole new arena for Apple to spread its reach and find a new revenue channel.

  1. March 3, 2013 at 5:48 pm

    Good thoughts. If Apple want to truly enter the gaming market, they will need a dedicated console for this (as Microsoft did with the first XBOX, back in 2002).

    The PS Vita, whilst underpowered when compared directly to say the iPad 4, is still more powerful in terms of gaming capabilities (as it’s hardware is completely focussed on the gaming experience).

    Current Apple gadgets are sufficient for the games they run, for casual gamers. I have Need for Speed MW on both the PS Vita and iPad, purchased for £18 and 69p, respectively. But the experience of the former is far superior.

  2. March 3, 2013 at 7:10 pm

    Great point. If I was the CEO of Sony, the thought of Apple going into the games market would keep me awake at night (even more than a present!).

    Apple is sat on a huge pile of cash – why the hesitation do you think?

  3. March 3, 2013 at 7:25 pm
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