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Tablets will die.

In 2005, when I first came across iMate PDAs (any one still remembers iMate?), I had written on my blog (which I later deleted) about the future when the laptops will become smaller and phones bigger, eventually the two will merge. Frankly, I had no idea of the missing link which will ‘bridge’ the two.

Here is an interesting case- Steve Jobs tried to his ferocious best to keep the tablet and the phone two different entities. He disapproved of a smaller iPad and even went to the extent of putting on record that “7 inch tablets will be dead on arrival”. But, if you believe the rumor mills, Apple itself is coming out with a smaller (may be a 7 inch) tab this September. Add to this the rumor of iPhone 5 having a larger display. So, what we have in the offing is a smaller iPad and a bigger iPhone!

On the other hand Samsung has been trying for long to bridge this gap. It came up with smaller tabs long time back and finally made a concerted effort with the Samsung Note. I consider Samsung Note a very important milestone in the ‘evolution’ of ‘phablet’ – phone cum tablet. A survey by McKinsey and Company shows that 62% of iPad owners leave their iPads at home.


Two reasons- One, it is not easy to carry iPad around because of its size. Two, most of the things you do with your iPad can be done with the laptop and/ or your smartphone.

With the touch-smartphones getting bigger and smarter (is is rumored that iPhone 5 will also support a bigger screen), almost all the things one can do with the iPads and tablets will be done with a touch-smartphone, thus eliminating the need to carry around or even own a tablet. A fine example in this regard is Samsung Galaxy 3. I was amazed with this powerful device. The gorgeous 4.8-inch 720p resolution display is just brilliant. This device can do almost everything- browsing, chatting, checking emails, reading e-books-  that a tablet can do, so why do we need a tablet? Yes, people might come up with many vague answers but none of them would be convincing.

So here is the verdict, ‘phablets’ are the future of phones (and tablets). The phone will evolve and gradually engulf the tablet.




  1. naveet
    August 20, 2012 at 5:56 pm

    wah…Superlike…wht a forsight u have…

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