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Outlook.com- Microsoft Rising from the ashes?

Microsoft has launched Outlook.com, a new web mail service to take on Gmail. Outlook.com is basically a re-named and refreshed hotmail.com. And, when I say refreshed, it is really refreshing change from the mundane hotmail & Yahoo and all too familiar gmail.

The new webmail offers a a very neat user interface which looks very clean and uncluttered. Unlike Hotmail, which used to have banner advertisements, Outlook will not “display” ads as such but will “offer” ads to the users. Giving the users a choice of watching an ad or not. The new mail service offers “virtually” unlimited storage capacity and integrates with Skype- which Microsoft bought last year. Outlook.com is available to users in preview form from today. Currently all Hotmail or users can log into Outlook.com using their existing ids. Microsoft said that for now, Hotmail would continue to be available.

Hotmail users can upgrade to Outlook.com and will get the new user experience but will continue to send/receive mail from their @hotmail.com address. The users who upgrade that upgrade will use the same login credentials to access outlook mails; all their mail, contacts, and calendar items will still be available in the new user interface. But  the company has plans to upgrade all users to Outlook in future.

Whether outlook gets Microsoft new email users or not is still unsure, but it will help avoid hotmail users move to Gmail or other webmail services. Yes, outlook for sure will give microsoft a new lease of life in the web mail arena.

Check it out at outlook.com

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