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A Facebook Smartphone?

If some rumors and ‘confirmed reports are to be believed, Facebook is planning to foray into smaprtphone business by next year. A report claims that Facebook is hiring engineers for the job. This comes in wake of some earlier (failed) attempts by Facebook for build its own phone. This time, the internet giant is relying on HTC to build the device.

Meanwhile, Google last week completer the acquisition of Motorola. Google had attempted to launch its own G-Phone a few years ago. The attempt was not very successful, but Android, a fallout of the G-Phone attempt has been a resounding success.

If you see all the smartphones around you, they are either Apple iPhones or Android based phones (with countless combinations of hardware options provided by hundreds of manufacturers). It will be interesting to see if FB opts for Android or develops its own operating system. Any one of the two options chosen by FB will put it in direct competition with Apple.

The rumors have it that FB phone will have a customized Android OS with seamless integration to various FB features such as messaging, photo-upload etc. if this is true, the phone will be nothing but a normal Android smartphone with a custom skin and a handful of FB specific apps working behind the scenes. Isn’t it so?

And, when it comes to brand loyalty and appeal, i.e. Apple iPhone Vs a HTC-Facebook smartphone, I am not sure of FB phone will be able to survive the cult like fan following of the ‘bitten Apple’ logo.

Let’s wait and watch what FB has to offer.

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