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Feeling hungry at midnight? Place a Mad Order!

There would have been times you would have been working late, enjoying a late night soccer game or just chatting with friends. And suddenly you realize you (and everyone else) is hungry. Most of the food joints close their home delivery orders by 10-11 PM. What should you do?

I came across this start-up that aims to capture this space- Late night food orders- and calls itself the “Mad Orders“.  Launched on Dec 15, Mad Orders delivers food orders between 11 PM and 7 AM. Currently all the work is being managed by the three founders, a couple of chefs and four delivery boys.

I don’t have much details on their operations currently but I feel they can have a large customer base in the BPO sector where majority of employees work in the US times and do have food requirements in the 11Pm to 7 Am time slot. There are a lot of BPOs in Noida (where I live) and I have seen some shops running 24×7 near the BPO offices to serve hot tea, coffee and snacks to the employees. With majority of the BPOs in Bangalore, Gurgaon, Chennai & Hyderabad, Mad Orders can plan for starting its operations in these cities.

This is a brilliant idea with an untapped market segment. But, it might have its challenges as well. I am not sure if the customers will order full meals during this time slot. So, the MO team has to work on an optimal menu- which can take care of majority of the orders without the need of some niche skilled chefs. Second, the time slot of 11PM to 7 AM is very short where the orders will peak around 2-3 AM. The team has to carefully plan the occupancy of the delivery boys to deliver the food on time.

This being said, I appreciate the efforts of the team and wish them luck!

Company website: http://madorders.com/

  1. Simrat
    January 3, 2012 at 12:35 am

    Interesting. Like the name – Mad Orders:)

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