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Start-Up Review: Netapedia- Know your neta

Want to know more about your neta? Here is a social venture by some IIT B students and alumni to create a platform to give information on the Indian political arena.

What is the idea?

The core idea is to address the need of the voters to know more about their representatives and how they function when elected. The website provides the details of the politicians, political news and analysis.

How it works?

The founders of the portal mention it in the home page  “We are providing authentic profiles of Indian politicians based on the affidavits filed by them before the elections along with the MPLADS (Member of Parliament Local Area Development Scheme) summary for each of the MPs”. Most of the information about the politicians comes from the documents submitted by the politician and documents from the current office held by the concerned person. The analysis is provided by the team itself or by some external experts.

Progress till now?

The netapedia.in portal has information about the current MPs. One can search the MP by name or first select state, all the MPs from the state are listed down and then select the MP you want to get information on.

For more details, visit: http://netapedia.in/

Currently all the operations of Netapedia are online without any offline component (unlike India Against Corruptiona nd some other similar initiatives).

Future plans?

The Netapedia team will extend all the current features and information available for the MPs for the MLAs at the state level. They also have plans to introduce the features to ‘compare’ candidates and MPs/MLAs. Next in line is ‘Netpedia Analytics’ for the available information.

My take:

This is a wonderful idea that will enable the voters to make an informed decision on their MPs and analyse their performance one they have assumed office after the election.

I tried searching information on the current MP (Praneet Kaur) from Patiala. Although some of the information given (e.g. the Financial details and the details on MPLAD spending) are very informative, I did not find  all the information that a voter would like to search for. For example, As a voter, I would like to get information on the political career of the MP, her major achievements, the controversies/scams she has been involved in etc. The information also looks old and is based on the affidavits filed by the candidate in last General Elections.

One of the major challenge for the team will be to source the current and correct information from the MPs and MLAs. I also did not see any analysis of the performance of the MP or a functionality where the users/voters can give their feedback.

Also, as all the operations of netapedia are online, it serves as an information source for people with an internet connection. One challenge to penetrate this segment is that these people already have access to a lot of similar information online.

Despite the current shortcomings, this is a great idea and a commendable effort by the team.

  1. December 2, 2011 at 4:32 pm

    Hi, Thanks for your feedback. We are currently working on all above mentioned points and trying our best to make it more relevant to voters. Please stay tuned! There is much more to come. 🙂

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