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Blueseed Incubator- The Pirate Entrepreneurs

From the time I have been in the world of entrepreneurship, I have seen many amusing-at-the-least-and-crazy-at-the-best ideas. This one comes as a complete out of the Blue- The Blueseed Incubator.

Many entrepreneurs want to nestle their start ups in the strong entrepreneur ecosystem of the Silicon Valley, but many cannot do so because of US visa restrictions. Yesterday I came across something very interesting- The Blueseed Incubator. The Blueseed Incubator aims at providing the startups access to the strong US startup-ecosystem without the hassle of visas.

Whats the idea?

Blueseed will be a incubator set up on a vessel, 12 miles off the Silicon Valley shores (California) and will be stationed in the international waters (outside the jurisdiction of the United States hence no visa restrictions).  The startups will be based out of the vessel and will have access to the contacts in Silicon Valley who will visit the vessel during events or with an arrangement with the startup founder and the contact.

How will it work?

The startups will be stationed on the vessel stationed in the international waters. The California shores will be just 30 minutes by ferry from the Blueseed. The startups will be provided office space, living accommodation, eating places, games & entertainment avenues and high speed internet across the ship.

The Blueseed will also provide scheduled ferry services to Silicon Valley through the SF Bay Area and also arrange for ad-hoc transportation requests from the shores to the ship.

When is it scheduled to take off?

The Blueseed is expected to start operations in Q3 2013.

For more information visit the Blueseed website: http://www.blueseed.co/

  1. November 29, 2011 at 12:44 pm

    Novel idea. This is truly out of the box.

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