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Start-up Incubators and Accelerators in India

I have a firm belief (which has been confirmed by startup genome project findings) that startups which have access to mentors have a better chance of success than those which do not have access to mentors.

There are a lot of startups coming from Asia in general and India in particular. But, the mentorship framework is not that robust here.  The starups generally find themselves at sea when faced with the need to have an experienced practitioner mentoring them.

I have tried to create a short list of Accelerators and Mentors in India which have start up mentoring programs in India.

Mentor and Incubator list:

1. IAN Incubator

2. Launchpad

3. Morpheus Startup accelerator program

4. Seedfund incubators

5. Start Up!

6. IncuCapital

7. iAccelerator

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