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CRM:How I see it.



When the CRM concept started to gain acceptance, it was considered a promising solution to many of the industries’ problems. The IT industry took little time to transform the concept of CRM into an application. But, to the dismay of the organizations and implementers, a long streak of failures threatened an early demise of the promise. The problem with the failures was two way. One, the systems were not mature enough to replicate the flexibility and complexity of the real world business processes. Second, the clients failed to understand the amount of role CRM Application played in the whole CRM Strategy. This reduced the CRM as a holistic view to just another IT implementation. Consultants and clients alike were wary of the CRM implementation failure even before implementation. 

Today, when the systems have matured enough, CRM is again making a comeback and success stories are told on every website and every conference. CRM today is not considered as an enabler aligned to the corporate strategy, but an enabler of framing and executing the corporate strategy. With most of the clients going in for Business Process Re-engineering (BPR) and Process Optimization along with the CRM implementation, it becomes imperative to modify the implementation process to collaborate with all the stakeholders effectively. 

“The buzzword today in CRM Implementation circles is that CRM is no more

 CRM; it is Customer Managed Relationships (CMR).” 

Every organization has a vision and mission. The Organization devises its short term and long term strategy in-line with the vision and the mission. CRM comes handy not only in the implementation of the long term strategy of the company but also helps in managing day to day operations of the organization. When the implementation of an organization’s strategy and millions of dollars worth of resources are at stake, no one would like to wish for a failure.

CRM implementation has all the three components of People, Process and Technology. And, of importance in the same order.People:  The most important part are the people. CRM as a tool is of no use untill the people are ready to change and accept it. Process: The process has to be simple, yet encompass all the scenarios. Technology: There has to be a right match between the pprocess and technology to get the desired results.

In next few posts, I will be taking up these three components in detail. Keep watching this space for more.

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